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Who is Ajmal!

Project Management Consulting Professional, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant

with keen interest in: Business Development and Growth, Business and Financial Performance KPI Management, Sales, Marketing, Branding & Project Management, Organizational Development, Business Continuity Planning, Business Analysis, Strategy Management, Big Data. Block-chain Analyst, Crypto-currencies, ICO, Product Development, (Agile Project Management, EFQM model, Financial Analyst, IT GOVERNANCE)

Insightful, results-driven professional with notable success directing a broad range of corporate Projects initiatives while participating in planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives. Excel at providing comprehensive design, systems analysis, and full life cycle project management. Hands-on experience leading all stages of software, product, system development efforts, including requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support. Outstanding project and program leader; able to co-ordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating, and guiding teams 

Graduate in Technology & in Business with 15 years of experience in Project Management and Management consultancy, Information Technology, Contracting Business, Retails, Real estate.

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How do you create a PMO Strategic Plan that provide value?

How do you create a PMO Strategic Plan that provide value?

Firstly, identify that the Strategic Plan for the PMO is not the PMO Charter.
The PMO charter is the legislative mandate for the PMO. It defines the role, purpose and functions of the PMO. It expresses who the PMO's sponsors and customers are, the services that it offers, and the staffing and support structures required to deliver those services. And, it assumes that a decision to have a PMO has already been made.
Secondly, align the Strategic Plan for the PMO to the needs of the business for which the PMO exists to serve.
For example, when you do this, providing project management assistance to the organization and implementing a project management system is not the mission, rather, they become strategies in support of the goals and objectives to be achieved.
To build an outcomes-driven Strategic Plan for the PMO, it is helpful to follow a top down format. The most commonly used and accepted format is the classical strateg…

IT Security Maturity Assessment | Control Self Assessment

IT – Security Maturity Assessment – Control Self-Assessment IT Security maturity assessment: it is a Self-Evaluation assessment carried out by organization that informs where it stands in terms of IT Security and shows its Strength, weakness and areas where  IT security improvement is needed in an organization. Organizations analyze IT Security on the bases of ISO 27002 standards. This tool was intended for use by an institution as a whole, although a unit within an institution may also use it to help determine the maturity of its information security program. Unless otherwise noted, it should be completed by chief information officer, chief information security officer or equivalent, or a designee and hardly takes few hours to analyze the overall IT maturity. The rating scale consist on 5 levels from 1 to 5 and every IT security related point carefully analyze by the analyze maturity team or individual and then they decided where that point put down.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 P…