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Creative ways to organize your mobile apps

Creative ways to organize your mobile appsIf you've spent more than a minute hunting for this across your home screens, you may want to consider organizing your iPhone for easy access. With thousands of apps at our fingertips, they can quickly overcrowd our screens. Apps are designed to improve our lives and make us more efficient, but trying to find them in a mishmash collection of colorful icons can be time consuming. Solve this problem by taking 15 minutes to clean out the jumble of app clutter, and find a homescreen organizational structure that works for you. After all, no one wants to be an app hoarder. Here are seven creative ways to arrange your smartphone apps. 1. Verb-based folders Image: screengrab / mashable For some people, default category names such as "Productivity," "Reference," and "Utilities" are too vague. Instead, take a second to think about what you use your phone for. Do you watch videos on YouTube? Listen to music? Read the news? Lab…
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How do you create a PMO Strategic Plan that provide value?

How do you create a PMO Strategic Plan that provide value?

Firstly, identify that the Strategic Plan for the PMO is not the PMO Charter.
The PMO charter is the legislative mandate for the PMO. It defines the role, purpose and functions of the PMO. It expresses who the PMO's sponsors and customers are, the services that it offers, and the staffing and support structures required to deliver those services. And, it assumes that a decision to have a PMO has already been made.
Secondly, align the Strategic Plan for the PMO to the needs of the business for which the PMO exists to serve.
For example, when you do this, providing project management assistance to the organization and implementing a project management system is not the mission, rather, they become strategies in support of the goals and objectives to be achieved.
To build an outcomes-driven Strategic Plan for the PMO, it is helpful to follow a top down format. The most commonly used and accepted format is the classical strateg…

IT Security Maturity Assessment | Control Self Assessment

IT – Security Maturity Assessment – Control Self-Assessment IT Security maturity assessment: it is a Self-Evaluation assessment carried out by organization that informs where it stands in terms of IT Security and shows its Strength, weakness and areas where  IT security improvement is needed in an organization. Organizations analyze IT Security on the bases of ISO 27002 standards. This tool was intended for use by an institution as a whole, although a unit within an institution may also use it to help determine the maturity of its information security program. Unless otherwise noted, it should be completed by chief information officer, chief information security officer or equivalent, or a designee and hardly takes few hours to analyze the overall IT maturity. The rating scale consist on 5 levels from 1 to 5 and every IT security related point carefully analyze by the analyze maturity team or individual and then they decided where that point put down.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 P…

Could Your Computer Be Infected by Blackshades?

Could Your Computer Be Infected by Blackshades? Here’s a list of possible indicators that your computer may be infected with Blackshades or similar remote access tool malware: Mouse cursor moves erratically with no input from user;Web camera light (if equipped) unexpectedly turns on when web camera is not in use;Monitor turns off while in use;Usernames and passwords for online accounts have been compromised;Unauthorized logins to bank accounts or unauthorized money transfers;Text-based chat window appears on your computer’s desktop unexpectedly;Computer files become encrypted and ransom demand is made to unlock files. Blackshades malware affects Microsoft Windows-based operating systems. If you believe you or someone you know may have a computer that is infected with this malware, search the computer’s hard drive for the following files that are known to be present on Blackshade-infected computers: dos_sock.bssnir_cmd.bsspws_cdk.bsspws_chro.bsspws_ff.bsspws_mail.bsspws_mess.bss To perf…

MAP: This Is What The Internet Looks Like

Here's a map from telecom data company TeleGeography that shows how the Internet works around the world.  The map charts out all the undersea fiber optic cables that send Internet communication from country to country. There are more fiber optic cables that are land based, but they're not charted here.  Paul Brodsky, an analyst at Telegeography explained the map to us, saying, "The vast majority of Internet traffic travels on fiber optic cables." Many people think Internet connections go through satellites, says Brodsky, but that's not the case. They run through these undersea cables.  The companies that lay these cables have fiber optic cables on a giant spool on their ships. "The ship goes from country A to country B," says Brodsky, "They literally just lay it on the bottom of the ocean. Close to the shore, they trench it out, but at a certain distance from the coast it just lays on the bottom of the ocean." A fiber optic cable is about the…