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Project Manager | Information Security Professional
with keen interest in: Sales, Marketing, Branding & Project Management, Organizational Development, Business Continuity Planning, Business Analysis, Strategy Management, Big Data.

Insightful, results-driven IT professional with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT security initiatives while participating in planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives. Excel at providing comprehensive secure network design, systems analysis, and full life cycle project management. Hands-on experience leading all stages of system development efforts, including requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support. Outstanding project and program leader; able to co-ordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating, and guiding teams.


With more users, more applications and more revenue depending on Web resources, it is more important than ever before to provide remote user access while protecting the enterprise's resources. Mission-critical Web resources often need centralized user administration and control delegation to be effective in today's enterprises with multiple administrative domains and quick response to market changes.

However, hackers, crackers, internal attacks and business evolution will always be a fact of life and, as a result, security threats, leaks and lack of scale will constantly plague user access control solutions based on password lists, access control databases, and shared secrets.

To cope with the accelerated risks and obsolescence that are typical of IT security solutions, enterprises need an End-To-End IT security solution that can provide shorter and less expensive deployment, development and maintenance cycles. The solution also needs to minimize the probability of patches, upgrades and support during the lifetime of an IT security system, thereby reducing its total cost of ownership


·         Access control -- granting access to objects, based on the trusted identity of users; limiting access to system resources only to authorized users, processes or systems.
·         Audit -- maintenance of a historical log of all transactions that can be reviewed to maintain accountability for all security relevant events.
·         Authentication -- corroboration of a credential or claim; the ability to establish and verify the validity of a user, user device or other entity, or the integrity of the information stored or transmitted.
·         Authorization -- conveyance of rights, power or privilege to see, do or be something.
·         Confidentiality -- ensuring that data is not available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities or processes.
·         Integrity -- ensuring that data is not altered or destroyed in an unauthorized manner.
·         Non-repudiation -- the ability to prevent the effective denial of an act; the ability to prove the origin and delivery of transactions.
·         Process validation -- the ability to periodically validate the correct operation of the solution's processes and security functions.
·         Security management -- a defined process to perform system security functions such as audit, credential management and configuration management. Security management must be based on a security policy, as the set of laws, rules, and practices that regulate how an enterprise manages, protects, and distributes sensitive information


·         Access Control
·         Application Security
·         Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
·         Cryptography
·         Information security Governance and Risk Management
·         Legal, regulations, Investigations and Compliance
·         Operations Security
·         Physical and environmental Security
·         Security Architecture and Design
·         Telecommunications and Network Security


·         Network and Systems Security
·         Research and Development
·         Regulatory Adherence
·         Cost Benefits Analysis
·         Policy Planning / Implementation
·         Data Integrity / Disaster Recovery
·         Risk Assessment / Impact Analysis
·         Contingency Planning
·         Technical Specifications Development
·         Team and Project Leadership


·         Project scoping, analysis, and estimation
·         System preparation, testing and implementation
·         Progress review and monitoring as time plan and milestone phase
·         Define action plans for open issues
·         Develop detailed functional requirements and turning it into technical designs
·         Develop test scenarios and test plans, conduct testing and apply quality control procedures
·         Ability to map and configure clients, business requirements into Dynamics AX
·         Dynamics AX development, customization, reporting, and technical support
·         Managing User Accounts and Security Profiles
·         Administrate overall AX system performance, apply hot fixes and service packs
·         Troubleshoot and fix system related errors
·         Workflow configuration and implementation
·         Post-live training and support, prepare User Manuals
·         Provide support and consultations in system/ application related
·         Developed, executed & tested Data Migrations Processes


·         Project scoping, analysis, and estimation
·         System preparation, testing and implementation
·         Progress review and monitoring as time plan and milestone phase
·         Define action plans for open issues
·         Develop detailed functional requirements and turning it into technical designs
·         Consulting on defining and optimize business processes and establishing linkage to IT
·         First level user support and monitoring of system applications with standard and extensive problems solving
·         Management of process and assure the appropriate recording of change requirements, evaluation of changes as well as getting the authorization, prioritization, planning, documentation and implementation of changes
·         System preparation, testing and implementation
·         Progress review and monitoring as time plan and milestone phase
·         Define action plans for open issues
·         Provide support and consultations in system/ application related matters for process owners, project leaders, consultant and key users
·         Prepare User Manuals and training


Inputs for IT financial management in regard to IT applications


·         Implement information security processes based on security principles, policies, standards, and guidance from the local Information Security Authority
·         Act as Deputy Information Security Officer (assist the Chief Information Officer) and ensure that all Information Security compliance guidelines are implemented and updated.
·         Ensure that all company information is processed according to its requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability.
·         Setup and management of related procedures and processes (processes, policies, standards, working instructions, guidelines, logs and audit trails)
·         Ensure assign user authorization comply with Segregation of Duty & Four Eyes Principles guideline and regularly review (quarterly)


·         Compliance to organization Integrity Code
·         Compliance to organization Policies and Guidelines (Local and Global where applicable)


·         Passion
·         Respect
·         Integrity
·         Discipline
·         Dedication
·         Commitment


·         ITIL service & incident management
·         Strong of analytical skill and problem solving
·         Knowledge of Microsoft Software (Sever and Client)
·         Knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
·         Knowledge of MS SQL
·         Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
·         Knowledge in Project Management Principles
·         Able to manage multiple projects concurrently
·         6 years’ experience as a Business Analyst or similar roles with IT
·         Automotive industry experience will be beneficial
·         Project management
·         Service delivery experience (ITIL principles)
·         IT Security policies and processes


Graduate in Information Technology & in Business with 6 years of experience in Information Technology.
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