Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How great leaders bring the best in others?

As a leader, you play a critical role in your organization’s success. In large part through your positive influence with the people you lead.

I think the best leaders are the ones that bring the best in others. They inspire, they encourage and they take people to the next level.

Inspiring leadership is about believing and assuming good intentions about people.

It doesn't mean we are not holding people accountable, but we find ways to deliver and communicate constructive feedback in an inspiring way.

This article, will explore three ways to inspire and motivate the people you lead to bring the best in them.

1.       Shine a light on what is going right 

Great leaders look at what is going right first. Leaders do not ignore poor performance, but they focus on the positive things people have to offer to the world. I have seen many managers throughout the years who really tend to focus on what is not going well for their team. They approach this attitude because they come from a “fixing” mentality.

“…But we need to remember that “fixing’ is something we do with machines but not with people.
We need to inspire people for change, not “fix” people for change…”

When leaders focus on people’s strengths & positive attributes, there is more engagement.

2.       Give positive encouragement for improvement

We sometimes underestimate the progress principle into our leadership role. Great leadership does not happen when things are always going well.

This is an inspiring opportunity for many leaders to reach out to the person by encouraging and reinforce improvement.

Look for opportunities to reinforce your people’s efforts along the way. By focusing on their efforts, you are willing to believe in their potential.

3.       Create a positive and supportive culture

Employee’s surveys keep showing that people perform better for leaders who care about them.

Great leaders care by making positive connections and build meaningful relationships. At the end of the day, we are here to build relationships with people.

When meaningful relationships exist, the more motivating the culture is. We have the trust and the support throughout when relationships are a priority in any organizations.

As leaders, we need to be a resource of support and provide opportunities for learning and growth. The best leaders provide coaching and mentoring to help people stay motivated and interested in their jobs.

Lastly, help people make connections with other people in the organization. Their support for each other and the information they exchange will help people give their very best.

As a leader, how do you bring the best in others?

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